The Google Puzzle

Google Puzzle SolvedEverything on the Internet is constantly changing. Blending technology with the way we humans search for information has resulted in some changes at Google. We’ve known about Google Authorship for some time but it wasn’t clear how it would affect us.

Now we know, kinda sorta. If you are not familiar with Google Authorship, it’s pretty easy to set up. All it means is Google has verified you as a real person who contributes to certain sites and blogs. Have you noticed how some search results have a picture of the author? That’s what happens when Google puts the pieces together.

It seems there is appreciation for more high-quality, in-depth articles and Google is presenting them in a different way. Read more about the changes here and see how search results will look with the new algorithm. You will also find a link on that page about setting up Google Authorship.

Need more help with what it all means and how to implement it? Find the answers in “Appearing in the in-depth articles feature” in Google Webmaster Tools.

Another problem for people are the new notifications in Google about targeted action on manual spam or unnatural links on websites. If you’ve had problems understanding what this is all about and how to fix the problem (if you have one), this series of videos should help a lot. There are several ways you can get a Google warning and some may be because of inbound links from other sites. Because of this, Google has explained the steps to take and even added a new disavow links tool in the webmaster toolkit that you can use as a last resort.

The end result of all these changes is better Google rankings for your website and a better user experience on the Internet.

All in all, these changes are good news for both webmasters and Internet users.

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