Laughing with Larson – Again

Want a copy? Click on the book!
Want a copy? Click on the book!

Part of my focus for the coming year is to laugh more. In fact, I plan to laugh a lot! We are already off to a good start and I had to share one of my favourites.

Over the Christmas holidays, my adult daughter picked up my copy of Gary Larson’s book, The Far Side Gallery 2. My copy is the seventh printing and it was published before she was born. Have things changed since this book was written? Of course. Are the cartoons as funny now as they were then? Absolutely!

This book has been on every move with me since 1988 and, believe me, there have been a lot! About a dozen in all. It took me a few minutes to count them but there you have it.

As Stephen King (yes, really) mentions in the forward, it’s almost impossible to ‘tell’ a cartoon but here’s a shot at it. The first one my daughter read involved a large reptile standing in the living room wearing a trench coat, human mask in hand, with a long tail escaping from underneath. “Dang it, Monica! I can’t live this charade any longer! I’m not a telephone repairman who stumbled into your life—I’m a Komodo dragon, largest member of the lizard family and a filthy liar.”

That was the first one. She couldn’t stop. Larson is addictive and just as good now as ever. If you haven’t read any of his books, do yourself a favour and pick up a copy. I’m reading mine again and loving every moment.

In the words of Stephen King, “Forget the anchovies on your pizza; if you can dig anchovies of the mind, you’re gonna have a blast.”

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  1. Now I feel like digging out my own books with cartoons – certainly the best antidepressants and stimulants of happiness. Brain-teasers as well, forcing both hemispheres to work in harmony….

    1. Oh, yes! Do it! I’ve been laughing like crazy over stuff I read years ago and it’s just as funny now! Of course, I’ve forgotten so much of it that it’s like new hahaha. The shark yelling “Bear! Bear!” at the sunbathers on the beach is another of my favs! Let me know what books you have that do it for you so I can look for them. 🙂

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