Writing a book takes creativity, persistence, and discipline.

When you are ready to publish, we will give your book the care it deserves.

It’s called old-fashioned personal attention.

We will give your book the care it deserves.



What Kind of Editor Do You Need?

Content/Developmental Editing: Imagine someone going over your manuscript in minute detail to find any style issues, ensuring the characters display consistent behavior and speech, and finding any problems with pacing, structure, theme, and overall readability. This is content editing, also referred to as developmental editing. This is where to start with your edit.

Line Editing: This is just like it sounds. Every line is checked for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and consistency to make sure your product is the best quality possible. Helping the author with rewording or rewriting parts of the story that need revision is also part of this process.

Copy Editing: Think of it as expanded proofreading. Not only are corrections made when necessary, but the overall manuscript is checked for clarity, continuity, and flow from a more technical standpoint. Also, it’s important to find any content that may prove to be a legal liability. Copy editing is linked with line editing.

Guidelines and Tips

Making sense of editing terms, word counts, and pages will help you decide what you need and what you can afford. Our prices are extremely reasonable. If you are curious, you can find general editing rates at the Editorial Freelancers Association.

How big is a page?

Industry standard for one manuscript page is 250 words. Four pages is 1000 words. An average novel ranges around 75,000 to 100,000 words or 300 to 400 pages.

What format works best?

Word documents, Libre or Open Office documents, Google Docs, and Rich Text format are all fine.

Content Editing Cost: $15 per 1,000 words

Focus is on pacing, continuity, and general readability of your work as a whole and not on editing line by line, so punctuation, grammar, and spelling is not part of this process. No further revisions are included.

Line Editing
Cost: $15 per 1,000 words

Focus is on line editing and copy editing. Many notes will be attached with suggestions and changes. No further revisions are included. Some content issues may be brought to your attention, but generally they are not noted.

Total Package – Most Popular
Cost: $30 per 1,000 words

Focus is first on content editing followed by revisions. Next comes a combination of content and line editing followed by revisions. Final phase is more line editing and final copy editing. Your book is ready to publish!

Interior Formatting

Some books require more formatting than others. Cookbooks, textbooks with several images, some creative poetry books, and illustrated children’s books are a few examples where more custom formatting will be required. Prices listed below do not reflect these specialized requirements.


We work with Amazon formats for Kindle and ePub for everything else. You get a copy of your book in both formats for sale on your own site or ready to upload to the retailer of your choice.

Prices start at: $75 for basic formatting. If your book contains photos, illustrations, or other custom layout requirements (e.g. poetry), please contact us for a free consultation.

Books for Print

We work with InDesign for printed books and use your final edited manuscript produced in Word, Libre Office, or Open Office. You will receive a PDF of your interior book ready for uploading to the printer of your choice.

Prices start at $150. If your book contains photos, illustrations, or other custom layout requirements (e.g. poetry), please contact us for a free consultation. Prices for specialized custom work can range from $300 to $650 for more complex designs.

Cover Design


For eBooks, you will receive your book cover in TIFF and JPG formats. Prices start at $100. For more complex designs and image manipulation, please contact us for a free consultation. For print books, your cover will be supplied to you in print-ready PDF, fully compliant with the printer specs you supply. You will also get a FREE eBook cover plus a 3D image of your book to use on your website and social media


Custom layout using one image plus author photo, custom color background, and typography. Includes changes until you are happy, placement of barcode if required, and basic image manipulation.

Price: $300


Custom layout using more images plus author photo, custom color background, and typography. Includes changes until you are happy, placement of barcode, and more complex image manipulation.

Price: $500


Custom graphics & images, author photo, custom color background, and typography. Includes changes until you are happy, placement of barcode, and some wicked image manipulation.

Price: Call for quote

What Authors Say

Alexandra Lucas has designed cover work for two of my books and both were done with great professionalism and creativity. As a writer hoping my work will be noticed, the covers are more than I could ask for - I am 100% satisfied. For anyone looking for professional help with book cover design, you will not find any better than Alexandra.
Wayne Barrett - Author
Wayne Barrett
Author - Florida, USA
Alexandra Lucas does amazing work with covers, amongst other things. She's done all of mine so far and I can only hope she's on board to do them in the future.
K.L. Silver
Author - Manitoba, Canada
I've had the fortune of working with Alexandra on two books now, and will never work with another. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking publication. Her energy, authenticity,  professionalism and engaging manner make her quite literally a once-in-a lifetime find. Working with Alexandra has been a blessing!
H. Bennett Hubbard
Author - Massachusetts, USA

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