Inspiration: Stephen King

“Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.” – Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

Update: Go to 3:00 mark to skip the intro and go straight to Stephen King.

It’s not a big surprise that Stephen King is one of my favourite authors, and not just because I love the stories (and I do), but because he takes time to share and encourage other writers. If you are in a slump, have a look at the video and see how you feel afterwards. Ready to write again? I’ll bet you are.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is pick up a copy of Stephen King’s On Writing. You will find some seriously good guidelines and more inspiration. It’s not preachy, not a biography, just some excellent advice from an author who is very successful.

Find it in paperback on Amazon. 

Feature image photo of Stephen King (the one that shows up on Facebook) is by Pinguino


Inspiration: Stephen King — 8 Comments

    • Thanks, femme! It’s in my toolbox, too. I love it! He’s correct about that inspiration part, too, and I need to discipline myself more when it comes to that. It’s a job, not a bolt of lightning lol.

  1. Hi Alex, I just watched the whole thing for an hour! he is fascinating! I must have read nearly all his books, so I found this really helpful, he is a character isn’t he? lol! Loved the way he slated 50 Shades! lol!

    • Haha yes, the jet ski business made me laugh! He was correct with that ‘Oh my’ and ‘Oh my god’ business too. An hour with Stephen King just doesn’t feel long. I’ll watch this more than once 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing this Alexandra. My first reading of ‘On Writing’ was an audio book, and I loved hearing Stephen King doing the reading. Of course I then had to purchase the paperback because that thing is a treasure chest of reference and inspiration.

    • Wayne, that book is one of the best books on writing I’ve ever read. I also own Strunk’s ‘The Elements of Style’ and and couldn’t be without it. Interesting what he comes up with on the drive between Florida and Maine!

    • It is! It’s hard to explain just how much is packed in there. It’s one I can read over and over and keep getting more from it 🙂

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